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What is EŽYS top-up with a code?

This is an option to top up your account after making a purchase:

  • Of an electronic code, which the seller prints on the receipt. Available top-up amounts: 2 EUR, 3 EUR, 5 EUR, 6 EUR, 10 EUR, 15 EUR, 30 EUR;

  • Of a one-off top-up card. Once purchased, you will find the top-up code underneath the erasable layer. Available top-up amounts: 3 EUR, 5 EUR.

How do I top up my account with a code?

  • By SMS, by sending the 16-digit code received to tel. 1544 (free).

  • Call tel. 1544, select "top-up" (free) and enter the code you received.

Benefits of code top-ups:

  • You can buy a top-up card and top up your account later.

  • You can give the top-up to another EŽYS customer.

  • You can top up your account if you have no multi top-up card with you.

  • You can top up your EŽYS account at most retail outlets.

You will be notified of the top-up by SMS. For every 1 EUR topped up, the account is extended by 30 days, i.e. 1 EUR for 30 days, 3 EUR for 90 days, but the total validity of the account may not exceed 100 days.

Other TOP UP methods
Multi card

No, top-up codes only work in Lithuania.

Electronic codes printed on the cash receipt are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. The expiry date of single-use top-up cards is indicated on the card itself.


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