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Planning a trip? It's easy to travel with EŽYS!

When travelling to the European Union countries roam like at home. If you are travelling to other (non-EU/EEA) countries check the rates in the country you're going to or order a data package and browse for less.

Travelling to EU/EEA countries?

CALLS, INTERNET and SUPERPLAN minutes, SMS and mobile data from EŽYS are available in the European Union countries at no extra charge, subject to a fixed data limit. You can choose and book the plan that's right for you here. If you have run out of minutes/SMS on your plan/promotion, or if you have no plan/promotion subscription, standard rates will apply. If you have run out of mobile data on your plan/promotion you have to order one of the plans that provides data in EU/EEA countries.

Travelling to other (non-EU/EEA) countries?

When travelling in other (non-EU/EEA) countries, don’t forget to check your rates in the box below by choosing the country you are travelling to, and if you want to use mobile data order a data plan here and browse for less.



If you're travelling abroad and haven't yet set up roaming worldwide, use the self-service (My Profile --> Roaming) or send an SMS to the free short number 1570 with the text +TRP. You can book roaming on the self-service even when you’re abroad, but you can only activate it with a message while you’re in Lithuania.


If you're abroad and have an insufficient balance on your account, you cannot receive incoming calls. When your account expires, you cannot receive incoming calls both abroad and in Lithuania – the operator will tell the caller that it can't fulfil the request.


To check rates while abroad, call toll-free +370 698 51000.

1. Upon arrival abroad, the phone automatically connects to the mobile operator's network in that country – action from you is not required.

2. Calls from EU countries to Lithuania are rounded to the nearest 30 seconds, then to the nearest 1 second. For example: a 15-second call is rounded to 30 seconds. In other countries, calls are rounded to the nearest minute.

3. When you arrive in the country and connect to a mobile network, you will receive a Telia welcome message informing you of the standard rates in the country. You can find the exact rates applicable to your payment plan by logging in to the EŽYS self-service.

4. The welcome message also contains consular contacts – the telephone number of the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (+370 5 236 2444). Call it abroad in case of an emergency. Before travelling, we suggest you consult the recommendations of the MFA: http://keliauk.urm.lt/

5. For information on services, rates and to report connection problems, call Telia's Customer Service Centre at +37069851000.

6. Calls to other countries (other than Lithuania and within the country you are visiting) may cost significantly more. Check the rates before you call.

7. When travelling outside the EU, many countries offer subscriptions to a certain amount of data. You can order by SMS or by clicking on the link duomenys.ezys.lt/užsakymas in the welcome message, which is only available abroad.

8. When you are in areas close to EU/EEA borders, your phone may register with a more expensive operator and you may incur unforeseen and unnecessary costs. Choose your network manually in your phone settings.

9. Please note that calls to special numbers, including 700, 800 and 900 lines, are charged at a premium rate. The local number is usually indicated next to special numbers (car rental, taxi, etc.). When abroad, always choose local format numbers – even if you see special numbers advertised as free. This advertising is aimed at domestic users, while foreign operators and their customers are charged at a higher rate. Make a list of the numbers you need before the trip, and save them to your phone in international format ('00' or '+', country code, phone number, for example: +371 xxx xxxxx or 00371 xxx xxxxx).

10. If you need to call the fire brigade, ambulance or police while abroad, call 112. Once dialled, the dispatcher on duty in the nearest city or district will answer and connect you to the relevant emergency services.


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