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Standard rates

Standard plan0,05 Eur
Calls on the mobile EŽYS and Telia networks0,22 Eur/MIN
Calls to other Lithuanian networks and to EU/EEA0,22 Eur/min.
SMS on mobile EŽYS and Telia networks0,07 Eur/SMS
SMS to other Lithuanian networks and to EU/EEA countries0,0700 Eur/SMS
MMS (only to Bite and Telia networks)0,07 Eur/MMS
Mobile data0,26 Eur/10MB*
Ordering plans and promotions by SMS 15660,1 Eur/SMS
Customer service support tel. 15330,1 call
Telia private customer service consultation no charge
For calls from abroad or another operator price per payment plan rates

* If you have no internet plan, the mobile data at the standard rate will cost you EUR 0.26 per 10 MB. When you start using the internet, you will be charged 0.26 EUR and get 10 MB per day (until 23:59 on the current day). If you use up 10 MB before the end of the day and continue browsing the internet, you get another 10 MB for EUR 0.26, which is valid until the end of the day, etc.


If you have not subscribed to an EŽYS plan or if you have used the benefits of your existing plan or promotion, the following standard rates will apply to you.

The standard plan is activated no earlier than 30 days after connecting to the EŽYS network if you do not order an EŽYS pay-as-you-go call or internet plan after this deadline. Check the details of your current plans on the EŽYS self-service page or app. The standard plan fee is applied 48 hours after the calls or data included in your plan have expired. Activating the standard plan when you have 24 hours or less before your account expires will extend your account for 24 hours. If your account balance is €0 or your account is no longer active, the standard plan fee will not apply.

Yes, once you've used up the benefits on your plan or promotion, standard rates will apply.


EŽYS plans


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the price of the call according to the tariffs of the payment plan


0.1 EUR/call
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